BCHEMLP001 Bratkilla - The Killer Gene - Cypher Talent
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BCHEMLP001 Bratkilla – The Killer Gene

31 Oct 13 BCHEMLP001 Bratkilla – The Killer Gene

Watch out, here comes new FIRE from Bratkilla. This isn’t your average new music, this is some dark, skullfuck kind of awesome that you’re gonna need a shower after. Kicking off with the super heavy Incoherent Thoughts, there’s no room to question Bratkilla’s intent here. He’s here to fuck shit up. He then delves straight into the metal soul of dubstep with Klaustrofobi, and brings to mind the brutality of Spor with drum and bass banger Kontrast. If you think that Mercy is going to be reminiscent of it’s namesake though, you’re going to be a tad surprised at this gnarly tune. It’s dark, it’s fast, it’s awesome. Don’t think that the rest will relent though, Monahven and Outrun are masterful in their own vicious, “beg for your life”, THIS IS DRUM AND BASS manner, and it all builds up to title track (and remix!) The Killer Gene, which is, KILLER.

Don’t just take our word on it though, check out previews of this wicked new album here, or click below!

Buy on Beatport on November 21st!



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