Gremlinz | Cypher Talent
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Toronto’s Gremlinz has been carving a path of his own within Drum & Bass for over a decade, staying true to the core elements of the music and never wavering from his sound, regardless of whatever the passing trends around him might have been. His signature sound remains rooted equally in Reinforced/Metalheadz/Bluenote era Jungle as it is in Renegade Hardware’s early 2000s moodiness, bookended by equal parts Dub and Techno and tied together with an ever-present B Boy edge.

Following his debut on Metalheadz MDZ04 LP, Gremlinz has had excursions on many respected labels, and with each release, the accolades have poured in. His style is multi-faceted, allowing him to drop both pulsating, breakbeatheavy B-Boy affairs to the more understated, minimal, dub-heavy tunes seemingly at will. His production style has been well received on both sides of the pond, and landed him a spot on Loxy & Ink’s HORSEMEN collective, aligning him with a superb stable of producers.

Production aside, Gremlinz is also known for his prowess as a DJ with his own unique style. Dubbed “The Story Teller” by Keaton of the Usual Suspects, Gremlinz’ talents behind the decks have taken him all across Europe, North America and as far as Japan where he has graced legendary venues such as The End Club, Cable, Brixton Mass & many more…

Gremlinz is also a cohost on Toronto’s longest running Drum & bass radio show, The Prophecy on 89.5FM CIUT radio. Presently, Gremlinz is in the studio with a vengeance, with a number of exciting releases set to drop as well as plans for his first artist album slated for 2014. Nothing but big things ahead!