E-Sassin - Cypher Talent
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Eric Hull, a.k.a. E-Sassin, is a native of Los Angeles with a far-reaching background in many different styles of music.  He began his musical journey in the late ‘70s as a drummer in  progressive rock and jazz/fusion bands.  After moving through the heavy metal scene of the ‘80s, E-Sassin was introduced to the electronic dance music scene in 1989 through the techno/ rave culture.  Once he started producing dance music, everything fell into place and he has built a reputation as one of the top DJ/ Producers of drum and bass in America.

In 1992 E-Sassin produced and self-released a techno album, which got the attention of Sunshine Records.  They approached E-Sassin to work with the groups L.A. Rave and The Movement.  For a year and a half E-Sassin toured with The Movement all over the world.  It was during this time that he was first exposed to jungle, which was just breaking away from the breakbeat hardcore scene.  By 1996, E-Sassin had made the transition into producing only drum and bass tracks.  Drum and bass music wasn’t widely accepted in the States and very few domestic labels were releasing any of it, so E-Sassin founded Sound Sphere Recordings late in ’96 to get his musical productions out to the masses.  Sound Sphere was one of the pioneering labels for drum & bass in America, especially the west coast with the first two releases receiving very positive feedback and quickly establishing a high level of credibility for the label and for E-Sassin’s productions.  Each subsequent release has continued to elevate Sound Sphere to new heights, which in turn has gained the label well earned respect from artists and DJs across America and throughout the rest of the world. Many of Sound Sphere Recordings’ releases have appeared on high-profile compilations both nationally and internationally.

Over the years, E-Sassin has continued to build a strong following in the drum and bass scene with his top-notch productions, remixes and DJing. He has worked with, or done work for a myriad of artists including, Gridlok, Hive, the Phunckateck Crew, R.A.W., AK1200, 60 Channels, The Angel, Dom & Roland, Raiden, DJ SS and Dieselboy, among others. His work has been featured on both international and domestic labels including his own, Sound Sphere Recordings, as well as, Phunckateck Communications, Pneuma, Thermal, Titanium and Moving Shadow. E-Sassin also has a host of remix work with various labels and artists including, Palm Pictures, Human Imprint, Evil Base, Compound, Wax Tooth, World Domination, Priority, TerraFormat, SupaCrucial, Black Hoe, Dissected Culture, Renegade Hardware, Formation and Moving Shadow.