BKey | Cypher Talent
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Known to many as the ‘Man of Science’, Bkey is the master craftsman of the original sound of drum n bass. His drums always carry an intricate style that is both complex and unique, and his bass is warm and fat like the analogue era he grew up in.

With a home just outside London, Bkey began his music career working with artists like Dylan, Facs, Danny Breaks, and Technical Itch and started a 12 year residency on Londons original pirate station Rude Fm.

Take a look at his back catalogue of releases on a vast array of legendary labels such as Scientific Wax, Tech itch Recordings, Freak, Obscene, Renegade Hardware, Biotic, XXX, Mute8, Droppin’ Science, Moving Shadow, and Outbreak, it is easy to see why he is widely regarded as one of dnb’s true pioneers with a love of the original sound that gave birth to a culture, he will captivate an audience with out of this world atmospherics as well as his deep penetrating darkness.

Much like his music, his DJ sets are tight, complex, dark, and soulful, with a love for the amen break that no junglist can measure.